Monday, March 25, 2013

Together We're The Spinster

Together We're The Spinster from Kristin Tieche on Vimeo.

Dear Supporters of The Spinster,

As of this writing, today we are 75% funded with 5 days left in our campaign. But this past Friday, I was starting to get more than a little nervous about whether or not we would meet our goal. So I set out with co-producer judy b. to film a little video update. On our way to our shooting location, a few auspicious things happened.

1) I ran into one of our first backers, Hiawatha Bradley, in Alamo Square

2) When we reached our location, one of our community supporters, Wine Tasting on the Bay, sailed by in The Neptune

3) judy b.'s neighbor jogged through one of our scenes

I got re-inspired by the support of this community, and I knew we were going to make our goal!

When I returned from filming this update, I saw that one of our supporters, Caroline Merrill, had increased her pledge to claim the GRAND PRIZE! And backers like Jay Schneider, Laura Olson Didier and Ramona Wheelright also increased their pledges. Thanks to all of you, we're still in the game!

So thank you again for your belief in The Spinster. I hope you're inspired by this video update. Please SHARE with your friends and family! Only a few days left! Let's do this!



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