Thursday, June 6, 2013

Caroline Merrill Rides Like The Spinster

Remember this?


Presto! Our grand prize supporter, Caroline Merrill has turned her pledge into a new Civia Twin City bike!

  Caroline & her new bike at Huckleberry

The guys at Huckleberry customized it a bit for her needs.

  Caroline at Huckleberry

And Caroline had to don her new Nooworks kitty sweatshirt for her inaugural ride on her new bike, the same ridden by Karla in The Spinster, only in a different color.

  Caroline on her Civia Twin City

And away she goes! Caroline admitted to not having ridden a bike since the 1970s and now spins around her SF neighborhood in style.

  Caroline on her Civia Twin City

We want to thank all of our supporters again as we head into EDITING, starting NEXT WEEK! It's a very exciting time in Spinsterlandia! We're still on schedule, and have a very talented post-production team helping us out, thanks to all of YOU.